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The Confident Networker Podcast by Angela Naumann

Life Coaching for the Network Marketing Professional.  

Welcome to The Confident Networker Podcast.  Here I am all about creating "Powerful Confidence for Empowered Leading" 

As a certified life coach, I help you do the inner work to increase your income & impact for you and your team.

Here we are all about: 
🧠Systemic Mindset
👭Powerhouse Team building
👸Fearless Leadership

So often the women that come to me who seem to be doing all the actions and are having some successes, but she still feels like her own worst enemy when it comes to being the leader and team builder she knows she can be.  

The really big goals, are stay just out of reach no matter how bold she is, how hard she works, or what actions she takes.

I help you look inside and see what is working and not working, so she can create the business, team, and life that you dream of.

Friend, You are going to love living The Confident Networker Podcast.

Jun 24, 2020

There is a trick that we all play on ourselves.  This trick causes people abandon dreams and start living half lives.  (Ever wonder if this is all it is?work, chores, TV, bed...repeat)

This trick causes us to hesitate when starting something new, to second-guess ourselves during the process, and to criticize ourselves once we're done.

It is a confidence killer.

Confidence Week is coming!

3 days of Confidence building Power Class. 

1 hour each night.  Fun and Interactive 

Perfect, because confidence silences the inner mean girl. As we build confidence she starts “Growing Up” so to speak.

Weekly Action Steps:

I want to make sure you take action today, so here are 3 easy actions you can do.

1.  List ways you stop living all that is possible because of perfectionism.

2.  List all that you would love to do, be or have if you knew that you were infinitely supported and loved?

3.  What needs to change to move from the first list to the second… who would you need to be?

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I find one of my favorite was to illustrate this trick is to show it in the short parable about the man in search for the perfect wife.  Check it out in this weeks episode where
 I explain the trick we play on ourselves and a solution to finding freedom from it.