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The Confident Networker Podcast by Angela Naumann

Life Coaching for the Network Marketing Professional.  

Welcome to The Confident Networker Podcast.  Here I am all about creating "Powerful Confidence for Empowered Leading" 

As a certified life coach, I help you do the inner work to increase your income & impact for you and your team.

Here we are all about: 
🧠Systemic Mindset
👭Powerhouse Team building
👸Fearless Leadership

So often the women that come to me who seem to be doing all the actions and are having some successes, but she still feels like her own worst enemy when it comes to being the leader and team builder she knows she can be.  

The really big goals, are stay just out of reach no matter how bold she is, how hard she works, or what actions she takes.

I help you look inside and see what is working and not working, so she can create the business, team, and life that you dream of.

Friend, You are going to love living The Confident Networker Podcast.

Jun 17, 2020

Have you ever felt like you just keep doing all the things…all the actions, but you just always fall short of hitting your goals? 

I found myself there a few years back.  I was working full time as a teacher, and had a small side business I was working to build.

I was reading all the books, Was taking online courses… and if a guru said do it  I did.  I was working what felt like non stop to grow. 

I wanted to grow as a leader, a business owner, a mom, a wife… a woman… I was so busy having all the actions, that I couldn’t see why that wasn’t working.

I was exhausted.  Just worn out from working two jobs, and trying to balance it all without the reward to show for it.

Have you ever felt like that?  Like you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing, but it isn’t working.  You are not hitting the goals, not getting results?  Who else is with me? 

I found this was an issue when I continued over and over again to reach for certain goals in my life and just struggled to make them happen.  I know I had the action, so what else was missing? 

That’s when I learned about thought work and what it means — what it does for you.

Thoughts, emotions, actions, results

Thoughts create our emotions, and our emotions drive out actions, and our actions create our results.  

So for me to start changing my results it was a simple as learning how to start changing my thoughts into thoughts that served who I wanted to be and the goals I had.

When I learned this, I mean really learned it bone deep, that whenMy life changed like a man struck by lightening.… I had actions, but I knew my mind was full of self doubt, critical witchy putdowns, and fears.  My inner mean girl was working to cut me down like a junior high girl.

Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 15k- 60K thoughts a day. So imagine if you are constantly hearing negative thoughts?

It’s like you are a war with yourself.

That is what was happening for me.  That is why I wasn’t hitting goal.  Why I was all hustle and pushing in may life, that left me exhausted. 

I could wake up ready to do all the things and have an amazing day, but it only took one thought to knock me down.  I was my own worst enemy.  I just wanted to feel ok and not keep hearing my inner voice like nails on a chalk board. 

In knew down to my soul that I would have those dreams if they weren’t possible for me.  I knew I would never speak to another the way I was talking to myself.  I had to learn to silence my inner mean girl.  She was mean, a lier.

This is so important because…. When women come to me struggling to get that promotion.  Struggling to gain control of their finances, struggling to find happiness, even thought everything in their life suggest they should be content… I always have to go back to what thoughts are going on.

Pin point those thoughts, limiting beliefs, false expectations… the negative thoughts.

So here is what I did.  I started writing down all the thoughts that were not serving me.

I started looking at the emotions and thoughts I was having and began reframing my thoughts using a thought model.  That’s a technique I learned from the Life Coach School and use with my 1:1 clients. 

It is a powerful way to explore what you are thinking, and work with that thought to reframe it, replace… or keep it if appropriate.  Hat   

I then like to sit in that new thought and integrate it in to becoming a BELIEF. 

I want it to sink in to a start building roots to support me as I grow.  Imagine this new thought it like a freshly planted tree. 

  • I’m going to water the thought by spending time thinking it daily. 
  • I’m going to look for proof that it is true in my life to fertilize the young belief and help it grow.
  • I’m going to pull any weeds that pop up and try to strangle the new tree. 

I want the roots of the new thought to grow strong and deep, so I can do the same as I reach for my dreams—- and design my life where I am the star of the show.

Friend this is the answer.  When you Exhausted from listening to the critical self talk that is constantly being whispered in your ear the only way to quiet it and get back your energy to life life to the fullest! 

Friend, We do need a plan for silencing that inner mean girl.  We have to have a plan to do the thought work.  If we don’t then the inner war between you and your inner mean girl will continue. 

I can help you Confidence Week is coming. 

3 days of Confidence building Power Class. 

1 hour each night.  Easy breezy. 

Perfect, because confidence silences the inner mean girl. As we build confidence she starts “Growing Up” so to speak.

Weekly Action Steps:

I want to make sure you take action today, so here are 3 easy actions you can do.

  1. Register for Confidence Week and get a plan in place to start silencing your inner mean girl

2.   Break out your journal and explore what thoughts are holding you back and start the process of reframing them. 

3.   Come to our Facebook group. And look for community of other women doing the mindset work.  Get tips, ideas and strategies.  Weekly coaching calls where you can drop questions and I’ll help you out.

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