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The Secret Life of Confident Women Podcast

by Life Coach Angela Naumann

Life Coaching for Women

Welcome to the Secret Life of Confident Women Podcast. Here I help you show up confident as f*ck and stop the mean girl in your head that is driving you crazy.

I am Angela Naumann, life coach, boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster.

After 20+ years of my own personal grow journey, I became a life coach for the smart, self motivated woman that is ready to let go of the sh*t blocking her self-confidence, so she can wink at the challenges of life.

In this podcast I will coach you to engage in the mindset strategies and become kick *ss at owning who you are as a woman in all areas of your life.

Through a practical step by step process, I coach you through:
-building your belief in yourself
-erasing your discomfort with the fears, doubts and sh*t that comes up for you in life.
-helping you become your own best self without worry about what others think.
-silencing your inner witch, so you can have your own back - and actually love who you are.

This way you can feel confident, in control, and empowered as you embrace that you are as awesome AF.

Friend, welcome to The Secret Life of Confident Women podcast.

Apr 14, 2021

In this episode I discuss:
  • A big decision I made in my life.
  • The mind drama that came with it.
  • How I reframed the sticky thoughts.
  • How I realized I'm the creator of my life
  • I was able to embrace winking at the challenge instead of spiraling out.
What challenge is in front of you that you can embrace with a bad ass sexy wink?  Do it.  Open up.  Grow through it.  Fail forward.
I challenge my clients to do this too. I help them find where they are holding themselves back and then lean in. Open up. GROW. This is where the magic happens. 
The decision to talk about all of this moves you forward.  I have a spot available in my 1:1 practice. If it’s yours, let’s talk.
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