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The Secret Life of Confident Women by Angela Naumann

Life Coaching for Women
Worthy | Lovable | Confident | Empowered


Welcome to the Secret Life of Confident Women Podcast.   Here I am all about creating "Powerful Self Confidence for Empowered Living!"  As a certified life coach, I help women love themselves again and feel whole just as they are.  So often the women that come to me who seems to have it all…. Ideal life, (maybe the family, career, house, travel…) except she feels like her own worst enemy. She has lost sight of herself and struggles with feeling like she is not enough in all areas of her life.  I help her rediscover herself and her own needs and desires, so she can create a life where she loves and accepts who she is, and is confident to pursue a life that makes her feel whole body, mind, and soul.  Friend, You are going to love living the Secret Life of a Confident Woman!

Aug 26, 2020

Trust your own Uniqueness (and finally be yourself)

Today we are going to explore the the idea that confident women weren’t born with confidence, but it is in your nature.

The goal of our time together is to help you start trusting yourself to be who you are.

You’re going to get a lot of value today if you…...

Aug 19, 2020

In this episode I share how one of my clients had to confidently choose to grow when the fear made her want to hid in her comfort zone.  

Here is the truth of it >>> That is so normal. It’s how our brains work... so let's dive in.  

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Aug 5, 2020

In this episode I talk to you about the 5 tips I personally use to keep myself from going down the spiral of overwhelm and exhaustion after a busy day.  This is perfect for the busy working mom that is tired of he stress and exhaustion from being and doing it all.


Action Steps

  1. Add one of the 5 Tips to your week.


Jul 29, 2020

Today we are going to explore the the 3 beliefs I feel you must have before you can truly transform your confidence level.  I tell you how my struggles as a curvy woman effected my life and then the beliefs needed to move out of the low self esteem.  

I then give you 3 action steps to start working on your beliefs.  


Jul 22, 2020

Episode 10: Secrets to Stop Pretending You Have It Together

This week on the podcast we are going to explore the secrets to stop pretending you have it together.

You’re going to love today if you…

Have big dreams, but are exhausted from trying to make them happen.  OR you feel your family has been sacrificed on the...